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How I found my dream job

How I found my dream job

Last updated on April 15, 2022 by Roger Kaufman

The story of the Morse operator

The incident took place in New York in the late 20s. How did I find my dream job?

At that time there was high unemployment.

A company had advertised a job for a Morse operator (in those days, you would Morse signals with a finger on a special key).

About 300 people signed up.

The company had set up a few small interview rooms on one side of the giant hall and handed out numbers in order of arrival.

Of course, there weren't enough chairs, so many obediently sat on the floor to wait.

It was hot, there was hammering in the background, and applicants kept coming.

Morse Story
How I found my dream job

A appears younger Man who received the number 235 (so he had arrived relatively late), and he too first sits down on the floor.

But after two minutes he suddenly gets up, walks purposefully to a room on the other side of the hall, knocks, doesn't wait at all for someone to say "come in", ie he knocks, enters the room and disappears into it.

After about three minutes he comes out of the room again, accompanied by one older Mr.

He tells those waiting that they can all go home now because the job has just been given to this young man.

The older gentleman explained to those waiting why the young man got the job: you sat there and heard the banging, you might have thought we were renovating, but we don't renovate!

They are Morse operators and there someone was tapping Morse code with a hammer: If you understand that, go to room 12, knock, don't wait for an 'Come in!' and you've got the job.

How many chances do you think you sometimes overlook and ignore yourself just because you think you don't have any? 

Story power and why a teacher should be a good storyteller

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Source: Storry Power Vera F. Birkenbihl

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