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More courage - A woman voluntarily takes a cold shower

How to face life's challenges with courage

Last updated on June 30, 2022 by Roger Kaufman

A minimalist guide to more courage

How to face life's challenges with courage. Surely you also know some of these situations?

Minimalist instructions to be more courageous in the following situations

  • one has fear of certain things, nervousness or shyness; one fears worldly concrete things like sickness, pain, accidents, poverty, darkness, loneliness, unhappiness;
  • is tense inside; Intermittently has difficulty speaking or stuttering;
  • one talks a lot out of nervousness;
  • one pushes things in front of oneself out of anxiety (in my case it is mostly my tax return)
  • one becomes very anxious when encountering resistance or when something does not work out;
  • the presence of others drains you.

We cannot achieve that with willpower alone Way of life, which we strive for.

Only complete devotion gives us the key to more Courage.

A story that tells you about these trouble and challenges of life should help to face them with courage and serenity:

Story for more courage

More courage - woman goes over a tightrope
Guide to more courage

There is a beautiful one History about an eagle that was raised with chickens.

This eagle then also believed that he was a chicken and spent the whole day pecking grains.

One day, a bird lover discovered the eagle and decided to make this chicken eagle back to what it was, a king of the skies, an eagle.

First he went into the chicken coop and lifted the eagle up.

The eagle flapped its wings, clearly showing its hidden power.

The bird lover said to him: "Spread your wings and fly from that! You are not a chicken, you are the king of the skies. You can fly high. Don't be content with the chicken life!"

But the eagle fell to the ground and immediately went back to pecking grain, as all chickens did.

For days the bird lover tried again and again.

But the eagle stayed with the chickens. One day, a bit upset, the bird lover put the eagle in a cage and took him to the mountains.

He set the cage on a ledge and opened the cage door.

However, the eagle just gave him a strange look and blinked his eyes.

The bird lover carefully took the eagle out of the cage and placed it on a rock.

The eagle looked up at the sky and again spread its beautiful wings.

For the first time, it seemed like he felt something other than a chicken inside himself.

As the eagle looked down, its wings began to tremble. The bird lover noticed that the eagle really wanted to fly, but that fear stood in its way.

Minimalist Guide | Guide to more courage

He carefully pushed the eagle towards the abyss, but the eagle just trembled and didn't fly.

After several attempts, the bird lover sat down disappointed and didn't know what to do anymore. "How can I teach the eagle to fly?" he wondered.

He looked around and took in the mountain panorama. As he gazed at the mountaintop, the answer suddenly came to him.

He put the eagle back in the cage and climbed with it to one of the peaks. There were the eagles. There they had their nests. From there they flew out with powerful wing beats.

The eagle watched all this very closely, and as soon as it was out of the cage, it stretched its wings, fluttered, and hopped around on the rock to no avail.

Suddenly he slipped because the sun was blinding him. But as he fell, he suddenly realized that he could fly easily, just like the other eagles.

He discovered who he was, an eagle! Liberated and intoxicated, he circled the mountaintop a few times and finally flew away.

A story from Ghana

The most common causes of success is people's failure is fear

A Woman Is Afraid - More Courage Minimalist Instructions | Guide to more courage
More courage minimalist guide | instructions to more courage

One of the most common causes of Success of people is fear. Most of us have a small voice. He rests on your shoulder and whispers in our ear too...

  • This is dangerous!
  • Beware!
  • Just wait... give it to him time ...
  • I'm not sure about this?
  • And my favorite too...I wouldn't do this if I were you!

More courage is the most effective means

We often let fear dictate our decisions. Nevertheless, one brave Living is one of the most effective ways to discover success in organization and in life.

In fact, according to Aristotle, courage is the very first human virtue because it makes all others feasible.

The famous positive thinker Dale Carnegie advised people to do things they fear as the fastest way to overcome concerns.

How do you banish fear and live that livethat you want?

10 tips for more courage

1. Accept the vulnerability

PeoplePeople who live fear-based lives often have little or no self-confidence. If you are afraid that other people will see who you are, open up and become much more vulnerable.

2. Confess that you have fears

Not only do you admit that you are opening yourself up, but also that you have concerns.

When you realize what you absolutely Provide Doing this will give you the information you need to get rid of the concerns and insecurities.

3. Face yours To care.

Disclosing your concerns yourself is one excellent method, to get rid of fears or fears.


Video training “Intuition – hear and follow your inner voice.”

You doubt if you really hear your inner voice

  • You want more security in your perception
  • You want to strengthen the connection to yourself
  • You want to train your fine intuition


People who are afraid of snakes often change their mind after treating snakes with the help of a qualified professional.

4. Think positive

Part of a favorable mindset is allowing others to like you and show your affection. If you're the type to deny preferences, let other people do great things for you.

5. Reduce yours Stress

You often worry about fatigue. Make sure you're eating enough, getting enough sleep, and train. Take breaks and make time for yours too Travel.

We all need one Break.

6. Demonstrate nerve

Another important way to overcome anxiety is to reveal your courage. Take your timeto help a person who is in a dangerous situation.

Instead of ignoring a person in need, call for help or take bold action to intervene.

7. Error recognize but move forward

More courage step by step symbolically climbing up a flight of stairs
More courage minimalist guide | instructions to more courage

When you stop working, don't rush into a symbolic corner.

Make Dear continue.

8. Dealing with danger and also with uncertainty

You can conquer your fears by discovering how to deal with the unpredictability of the... life can handle.

If you're concerned about giving your spouse to someone else or losing your clients, figure out what it takes to keep them.

9. Stay to find out

Stay up to date by continuously trying to discover and improve your skills.

Use every opportunity to learn a brand new skill.

Read the books of leading thought leaders and read everything you can in your industry.

The more knowledge, the less threat to be effective.

10. Accept your obstacles

Stay the course even after obstacles and fears. As opposed to hiding the face of what lies ahead.

Often fear is just in your head. Most of what you fear will never happen.

Don't waste time worrying if you want to get ahead in life.

I hope that you achieve your goals!

Quotes that encourage | never be shy again | 29 quotes and sayings that give you courage

Quotations who encourage - never be shy again.

A project by

Are you in a crisis right now, or in a difficult time?

Sometimes there are moments in lifewhere worries and fears plague us. It doesn't matter whether it's a private challenge or difficulties at work - each of us goes through a difficult time.

In these phases of life, hopelessness often prevails.

In case the future seems anything but rosy to you or you are currently plagued by turbulence, we have a few for you Quotes the courage do, summarized.

Here comes 29 Quotations and sayings that will give you courage and strength. "If you liked the video, click the thumbs up now" Music: Epic Hip-Hop Beat - "Young Legend"

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be brave sayings | be brave children

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