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Unconditional Love Quote Virginia Satir

Unconditional Love | Quote from Virginia Satir

Last updated on September 7, 2022 by Roger Kaufman

Virginia Satir was an American psychotherapist and a pioneer in family counseling.

She is considered one of the most influential figures in psychotherapy and is known for her work on unconditional love.

Unconditional love is a form of love that is unconditional.

Instead, it's a form of love that's just there—unbiased and unrestricted.

Unconditional love is a great way to build trust. If you are able to receive unconditional love, that means you are also able to give it.

Sunset behind a small island and quote: "It's not your job to love me. It's mine.""It's not your job to love me. It's mine."

This can make a huge difference in your relationships as you are now able to connect and build trust on a deeper level.

This type of love is often considered the highest form of love because it is not influenced by expectations or conditions.

Beautiful Virginia Satir quote about unconditional love

One of her most famous quotes, we should consider what she wants to tell us about love.

I want you lieben, without constricting you.
I want to appreciate you without judging you.
I want to take you seriously without committing yourself to anything.
I want to come to you without imposing myself on you.
I want to invite you without making any demands on you.
I want to give you something without attaching any expectations to it.
I want to say goodbye to you without missing anything important.

I want to share my feelings with you without blaming you for them.
I want to inform you without lecturing you.
I want to help you without offending you.
I want to take care of you without wanting to change you.
I want to be happy in you - just as you are.
If I can get the same from you
then we can really meet and enrich each other.

Quote Virginia satir

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