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Wisdom Lao Tzu

Wisdom of Lao Tzu | Lao Tzu quote

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Lao Tzu sayings – Wisdom of Lao Tzu | Lao Tzu quote

Drawing of Lao Tzu - Wisdom of Lao Tzu | Lao Tzu quote
Wisdom of Lao Tzu | Lao Tzu quote

Man, when he comes into life, is soft and weak,

and when he dies he is hard and strong.

The plants when they go into the live step,

they are soft and tender, and when they die,

they are thin and rigid.

That's why the tough and strong are companions Todes,

the soft and weak fellows of the life.

Therefore: If the weapons are strong, they will not win.

Are the Flowers strong, they will be felled.

The strong and great is below.

The soft and weak is above.

Lao Tzu

Tao Te Ching: The Book of Meaning and Life – Laotse (Complete Audiobook)

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tao te king the book

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What is the Tao Te Ching?

Who is Lao Tzu? Statue of Lao Tzu

The Tao Te Ching is a Chinese classical message typically given to the 6th century BC sage Lao Tzu. is attributed and also Lao Tzu or Lao-Tze is called. The authorship of the message, the date of compilation and the date of compilation are disputed.

What is the goal of the Tao Te Ching?

Jak Lao Tzu Quotes

Tao Te Ching converted as a “method of stability”. In its 81 verses, it offers a treatise on exactly how to live in the world with utility and integrity: a crucial kind of knowledge in a world where many people find such a thing impossible.

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