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The Moon - The Story of Nasruddin - The Moon

The Tale of Nasruddin - The Moon

Last updated on September 13, 2022 by Roger Kaufman

The Wise Nasruddin - Here is the story of Nasruddin

One day Nasruddin entered a teahouse and proclaimed, "The moon is more useful than the sun." He was asked why. "Because we need the light more at night."

The secrets of the moon - our moon

He seems so close and yet so far away.

For thousands of years he gave mankind safety and security security: The moon was light for travelers at night, served as a clock and calendar for farmers at work, and as a fixed point and signpost for seafarers on their perilous voyages across the oceans.

In some cultures he was even worshiped as a deity.

It is the only celestial body that mankind has already set foot on, and NASA is currently planning to install an outpost.

But how did all this come about?

And how did it come about? Moon?

The Mystery of the Solar Eclipses

23 Interesting Facts About Our Mysterious Moon. The moon doesn't seem to be anything special anymore, but there are mysterious facts about it.

Source: interesting world
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a story to think about and marvel at

Have you ever seen the moon go down?

Have you ever had that Moon seen going down?

Have today 06.08.2009/05.30/XNUMX in the morning at XNUMX am I packed my camera and set off to film the moon setting on today's clear summer night.

I managed to film the sunrise at the same time; a project by:

Full moon setting in the early morning on a clear summer night

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A story to think about and smile about

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