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Happy couple - cover photo Love the power of the universe

love the power of the universe | The Power of Love

Last updated on January 24, 2022 by Roger Kaufman

The power of love - love the power of the universe

Love is an element that, although physically invisible, is as real as air or water. she is
an active, living, driving energy. She moves in Waves and currents like the sea. - Prentice Mulford

That's the of Love holy ray of the gods, which strikes and hits and ignites the soul, when there is a relative to a relative, there is no resistance and no choice, man does not loosen what heaven binds. - Frederick V. Schiller

Schiller – Love HD Video 2012

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The power of love "Love" show 4 with Vera F Birkenbihl in full length! (BR ALPHA)

Source: 100gram grass

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I Pray to the Power of Love - Classic Wedding Song / Funeral Song - Sung by Lila

I pray to the power of love - music for them Soul

Singer Lila alias Carolin Rohrbach from Taufkirchen near Munich sings the beautiful classic wedding song / mourning song

"I pray to the power of of Love“ by Gerhard Tersteegen (lyrics) and Dimitri Bortniansky (music).

Filmed in front of a green screen - edited with iMovie playback:

Moni Lehner Book singer Lila for your wedding as a wedding singer (church, free or civil marriage), the baptism of your Child, your birthday, Christmas party, company event or similar in Munich +100 km. Send your request to for more information:
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Love the power of the universe - Lyrics : I worship the power of love

I pray to the power of love

revealed in Jesus; I

I give myself up to the free impulse,

whereby I was loved worm;

I want instead of thinking about me

sink me into the sea of ​​love.

how tender you are to me,

how longs your heart for me!

By Love gently and deeply drawn,

my everything leans towards you too.

you trusted of Love, good being,

you chose me and I chose you.

I feel it's you, I have to have you

I feel it, I just have to be for you;

Not in the creature, not in the gifts,

my resting place is in you alone. Here is the rest

here is pleasure;

That's why I follow your blessed trains.

Lila - professional singer from Munich

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