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Relaxation hypnosis - A woman relaxes on the bed - Relaxation

How to let go – relaxation hypnosis

Last updated on August 1, 2021 by Roger Kaufman

Relaxation in simple steps – relaxation hypnosis

Why a hypnosis: If you notice that you can't let go or you are tense - give yourself this short period of 13 minutes - consistently set in motion solutions, ideas and creative change processes.

Yes, the relaxation reflexes can be built up and learned. This short classic hypnosis exercise can be used to learn to let go. After the exercise one feels much better and the body is pleasantly relaxed.

Start that Video Relaxation hypnosis and make yourself really comfortable, preferably in a lying position and just take a breath, relax and let everything flow through you like a river.

Letting go hypnosis - how to let go and find new solutions


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