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Native American wisdom - Treat the earth and everything that lives on it with respect.

Indian wisdom - back to the past

Last updated on June 1, 2021 by Roger Kaufman

In the beginning there was silence

Indian wisdom:

The silence of the rocks, the sky, the grass.
The silence of the night and the morning of creation.
Long before everything was called by its name, before mountain to mountain, stone to stone,
Earth becoming earth was creative silence.
Eternity of all ideas and words, respect of life before Secret.
Before I, before we were all called by name, the world was wordless.

 Indian wisdom - the ten commandments

  • Treat the earth and all that lives on it with respect;
  • Always remain in close connection with the great spirit;
  • Show great respect for your neighbors;
  • Work together for the good of all humanity;
  • Help and be kind wherever needed;
  • Do what you know is right;
  • Make your body and mind feel good;
  • Devote a portion of your efforts to the greater good;
  • Be honest and truthful at all times;
  • Take full responsibility for all your actions;

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Native American wisdom of the Cree Indians

Only when the last Tree cleared,
the last river poisoned,
the last fish is caught
will people find
that you can't eat money.
Prophecy of the Cree Indians

Native American wisdom of the Dekota Indians

A Native American wisdom the Dakota Indian says:

"If you find yourself riding a dead horse, get off!"
Sounds so simple, doesn't it?

But instead of getting off the dead horse, our professional live
developed many methods and strategies - sometimes to the point of perfection - in order to be able to avoid the inevitable. Do any of the following strategies sound familiar to you?

  • Get us a stronger whip.
  • Say: "We've always ridden the horse like this."
  • Set up a working group to analyze the horse.
  • Visit other places to see how they ride dead horses there.
  • Raise the quality standards for riding dead horses.
  • Form a task force to revive the horse.
  • Buying in people from outside who supposedly know how to ride dead horses.
  • Insert a training session to be able to ride better.
  • Make comparisons of different dead horses.
  • Change the criteria for a horse to be dead.
  • Harness several dead horses together so we can go faster.
  • Declare: "No horse can be so dead that we can no longer ride it."
  • Do a study to see if there are better or cheaper horses out there.
  • Explain that our horse is dead better, faster and cheaper than other horses.
  • Form a quality circle to find a use for dead horses.
  • Set up an independent cost center for dead horses.
  • Increase responsibility for dead horses.
  • Develop a dead horse motivation program.
  • Create a presentation in which we show what the horse could do if it were still live would.
  • We are restructuring so that another area gets the dead horse.
Indian definition:

Indian is the common German collective term for the indigenous peoples Americas.

Except for the Eskimo peoples and Aleutians of the arctic areas - and the American Pacific Islands:

The ancestors of the Indians settled America from Asia in prehistoric times and developed a large number of cultures and languages ​​there. "Indian" is a foreign term used by the colonialists, a corresponding self-title of well over two thousand groups does not exist.

However, there are overarching terms in Canada, in the USA and in the former Spanish and Portuguese parts of America.
Source: Wikipedia

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One thought on “Native American Wisdom – Back to the Past”

  1. Hi!
    Hmm... I just stumbled across the title of the blog, thought I was among those plagued by lovesickness and didn't find a post on the associated topic "separation/lovesickness"... Vll. As a suggestion for a new category, I'll leave a poem on the subject written a year ago and a link here.

    Was it just you
    who brought my life out of rest,
    woke me up from emotional sleep in winter
    and turned my soul to the meaning behind it.
    You paved the way for my spirit
    that he walks as if on a narrow footbridge,
    even in lovesickness he invented poems,
    'Cause you kindled this fire in me
    With a light bright as the North Pole Star
    kindled a glow that was previously far from me
    and plunged me into eucalyptic depths,
    who at the same time called me in spheres of heavenly monotony.
    emerged from these depths,
    I realize that your love is used up.
    This brings out deep lovesickness in me,
    so that I even ask myself with the poem
    and lecture almost ashamed,
    if in the end maybe it's me
    and their wish directs the mind
    reflected on you without return
    and thus catapulted into demonic derangement.
    And there - in demonic depths - you can imagine
    I suffered Tantalus torments from salivating furies.
    Because you are the only truly miraculous antibiotic,
    that, in short, the lovesickness of the inflamed heart
    with one hit
    may even reduce.
    Because the burning in my heart was more than a silently smoldering little flame,
    no - a steppe fire, which it absorbed like a dried up sponge.
    At the same time I rejoiced on a cumulus cloud with exultation,
    meanwhile, like an arrow, electric currents in gentle flakes
    flowed through my body and heart.
    But what I have left is pain
    the infinite for me
    because I love you!
    And to find reflection in you
    it's the only thing my sick heart can get over.

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