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Physical pleasure of a cat Maru

Physical pleasure of a cat "Maru"

Last updated on May 24, 2022 by Roger Kaufman

How to empty a cat's mind

Can cats let go?

Apparently, yes, cats are masters at letting go. Cats find joy in trivial things as can be seen in the video, a small cardboard box is enough to make you happy.

Just watching and looking at this cat, I can personally for one let go for a moment.

Enjoy the great video "Maru"

Our sensory organs are often associated with positive emotions, often just a little thing is enough to let go:

  • a cloudless summer day
  • a beautiful Flower
  • a laughing one Kind
  • a playing one Kind
  • a playing animal
  • an ice cream
  • an orgasm
  • a shower when you're dirty from head to toe
  • a bowel movement
  • lovely Music
  • baby
  • Hobbies
  • Fragrance

Sensual pleasures tend to be short-lived, fading quickly as soon as the external stimulus ceases, and we quickly become accustomed to them.

The benefit of this letting go blog is that many Videos for this partly sensual pleasure can be called up practically anywhere and at any time.

A cat can rejoice over trivial things and let go Maru

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Source: Kim M

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