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A man punches against the punching bag - letting go of excessive aggression

Release excessive aggression

Last updated on January 30, 2022 by Roger Kaufman

Letting go - letting go of anger and disappointments

Find the truth within yourself through a simple one release exercise for excessive aggressions let go:

Excessive aggression let go – a simple exercise designed to help you release trapped energy and feelings.

If you're overwhelmed by feelings that you can't deal with, you can take a pillow or rolled up towel and wring it out vigorously with both hands. 

Make some noises as you do so, if that doesn't work, just say "I want" or "I don't want to".

Release anger and disappointment
Release anger and disappointment
  • Breathe in deeply through your nose, down into your stomach and chest area
  • then exhale 3 times in bursts
  • repeat this breathing exercise until you feel comfortable again, detached like a powerful dynamic Man feels

The annoying The trouble is that you harm yourself without benefiting others.
Kurt Tucholsky

You have to get through the little ones thoughts, which annoy you, always find your way through to the big thoughts that strengthen you.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Anti-Anger Strategies – Letting go of excessive aggression

Anger damages us and our immune system. So, for the sake of our health, we might want to learn to be more “professional” about it.

In the four decades of her work, Vera F. Birkenbihl has developed a wealth of tried and tested anti-anger strategies. Excessive aggression let go, is it possible?

How NOT to Freak Now | Don't become a victim | anti-anger | Vera F. Birkenbihl

Vera F. Birkenbihl shows how you don't become a VICTIM in stressful times, but how you can regain POWER over your life with the right brain-friendly strategies

Learning of the future Andreas K. Giermaier
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This is how Wikipedia defines anger

troubleAlso frustration, is a spontaneous, internal, negative-emotional reaction (affect) to an unpleasant or undesirable situation, person, or memory.

That which causes trouble – that nuisance – can be a frustration, perhaps an insult. Consciously evoking this emotion by others is called to annoy bezeichnet.

Anger describes a whole group of negative feelings that can have different levels of arousal and intensities.

The strongest form is anger (also "rage"), which rarely remains hidden from the other person due to aggressive behavior (except possibly the impotent rage).

Less arousing forms of anger are Discomfort, Displeasure or displeasure, These emotions are as inner Reactions are initially spontaneous and usually unavoidable.

In society, showing anger is usually considered tactless.

In collectivist cultures such as China in particular, violations of the principle of harmony, for example by showing anger and anger, lead to a “loss of face”. A pet peeve is a pet peeve that gets you disproportionately upset out of personal sensitivity.


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