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Aurora Borealis Time Lapse - Aurora Borealis over snowy landscapes

Time-lapse Northern Lights (video) over Norway | Unique

Last updated on March 6, 2022 by Roger Kaufman

Northern lights over snowy landscapes, trees, clouds, mountains and lakes

Aurora Borealis Time Lapse - From my point of view, this is a truly stunning video of the Aurora Borealis that I have never seen before.

Terje Sorgjerd did it really well.
I've added the original description "time-lapse northern lights" below.

The Aurora from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo.

Time-lapse Northern Lights over Norway
Credit and copyright:
Terje Sørgjerd; Music: Gladiator Soundtrack: Now we are Free

Description: Sometimes when your Eyes Once you get used to the darkness, a spectacular sky appears.

That happened earlier this month when one of the largest auroral displays in recent years occurred in northern locales like the Norway-Russia border.

In the above time lapse video Northern lights flow over snowy landscape, trees, clouds, mountains and lakes near Kirkenes in Norway.

Auroras are often green when energetic particles hit Earth's atmosphere, lighting up the air as the electrons recombine with their oxygen ions.

Others too Colors are occasionally noticeable when atmospheric nitrogen is affected.

In later image sequences are also the Moon and see stars rising.

By day Sunshine Expected to become even more active over the next few years, you too could find many opportunities to see similarly spectacular auroras, even in regions much closer to the equator.

Terje Sørgjerd;

Time Lapse Northern Lights (Video)


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