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On our own behalf – spam filter

On our own behalf - spam filter Antispam Bee

Last updated on May 17, 2021 by Roger Kaufman

Comments Spam filter Antispam Bee

Sorry, probably some comments were not included in the various articles.
I found out about this from my daughter when she wanted to leave a comment on this blog and hit send, the message "delete spam" came up.
Now I've corrected my settings a bit, they were set a bit too strict.

Comments should now be possible again, provided of course no spam 🙂
The spam filter (“AntispamBee” by Sergej Mülle) New: Plugin collective, which I use on all my blogs and which I really appreciate because of its good functionality, I can highly recommend.

In this Blog 44.207 spam comments have already been blocked! (as of April 4, 2021)

What is a spam filter

A spam filter is a computer program or module of a program for filtering unwanted electronic mail Advertising. A classic area of ​​application is the filtering of unwanted e-mails as a module of an e-mail program or a mail server.


Who is behind the plugin collective Antispam Bee

The plugin collective is a group of WordPress people from Germany and all over Europe. We got together to maintain some popular plugins in the plugin directory. Ever heard of Antispam Bee, Statify or Cachify?


Get rid of spam comments: Antispam Bee tutorial

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Graphic for the request: Hey, I would like to know your opinion, leave a comment and feel free to share the post.

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