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Can music improve mood? Creative young musicians.

Can music improve mood?

Last updated on June 1, 2021 by Roger Kaufman

Can music improve mood? It shapes us from birth, touches us deep down and can drive us to peak performance.

Really good the way this little boy sings - can music lift the mood?

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Like the young man, I can say with certainty, “Music lifts the spirits”

Does that matter?

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3 thoughts on “Can music improve mood?”

  1. And how the little one goes! Excellent! He has rhythm in his blood and they know exactly how to wrap their parents around their fingers!

  2. @ Talataki that's true, I can at least say that about our daughter!
    And I think that's the well-deserved reward for the sometimes hard work.
    @Georg Krueger Thank you! oh, that's a really great link on this topic!!

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