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Letting Go - Now is the time to take a break

Letting Go – Now is the time to take a break

Last updated on October 4, 2021 by Roger Kaufman

Letting go – Yes, finally time to take breaks

It's really funny how this cat makes itself comfortable on the keyboard :)

Cat sleeps behind the keyboard

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The importance of breaks

Two women relaxing comfortably on a bench - the importance of breaks
Take a rest

To stay focused, it is really important to take a break despite all the urgent work.

It can be a 10-minute break, a longer break, but also a break like a (short) vacation.

It's about everything you do or don't do during this break.

Imagine you have forgotten a name, you are desperately trying to remember the name, but you still can't come up with the denominator.

You've given up – you do it

A little later you take a short break and drink some tea; you are completely relaxed.

Suddenly and out of nowhere you remember the forgotten name like a flash.

Exactly, that is the primal power of breaks.

The value of breaks

The value of breaks
Letting go – Yes, finally Time for breaks close

When you're working on a complex problem or you feel like you have too much to do, you tell yourself that you're... Time for a break is missing.

However, research shows that breaks are good for both you and yours work can be extremely useful.

Microbreaks, lunch breaks and longer breaks have been shown to have a positive impact on efficiency.

You can increase your performance by taking regular breaks.

Although taking time off during the workday isn't as obvious as taking a vacation, research has actually discovered significant benefits.

Studies have shown that breaks can minimize or prevent tension and help maintain performance throughout the day.

A research study by Korpela found that taking lunch breaks from work increases workplace efficiency and can also reduce fatigue.

In addition, a year later it was discovered that vitality and performance levels increase over time.

Relaxation and social breaks have proven to be particularly useful.

A relaxation break can promote recovery by restoring your mental and psychological nervous systems to your old standard.

Social breaks, such as chatting with peers, have also been found to be beneficial.

Social interactions allow you to... Experiences to share and feel part of a team.

This feeling of connection during a break shows a favorable association with the feeling of recovery after the break.

Breaks have been shown to be crucial to recovering from anxiety, which in turn can improve your efficiency.

Tips to make sure you take breaks

Tips to ensure you take breaks

If you find yourself lost in your work or really frustrated that something isn't going well, here are some tips that encourage you to routinely step back and recharge.

Agree on break times with your colleagues and help each other to stick to the agreed break time.

Set an alarm on your phone to tell you to take a break.

Develop a strategy to do something you enjoy during your break - the expectation of satisfaction will certainly inspire you to persevere until the break.

Focus on any benefits you experience when you pause - this will stick in your mind and inspire you to take breaks in the future.

Daniela May – Take a break – nice song

Treating yourself to a break every now and then is simply part of everyday life!

Unfortunately, we forget this over and over again and wonder why we are missing something.

Recharging is wonderful when everything around us becomes quiet and we can come back to ourselves and our Creator. #take a break more often

Daniela May
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Pauses are important - the most important thing when telling jokes

What applies to jokes also applies to everyday life live.

That's why they are Breaks are important!

Some are on a forced break.

Or short-time work. No voluntary break.

So breaks aren't always nice. But sometimes necessary.

Could without a break Humour for example, not breathing.

No breaks, no laughs.

Give your listeners a break so the joke can work.

You notice the difference.

German Institute for Humor
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