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Five and twelve year olds demonstrate their skills on the drums

On the drums 5 and 12 year olds show their skills on the drums

Last updated on December 20, 2020 by Roger Kaufman

Awesome how these guys can let go and master their drums

Five and twelve year olds show theirs arts on the drums

Jonah, 5 years old on the drums

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Tony Royster JR., 12 years old on drums

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The drums - a collection of percussion instruments

Any percussion instrument can tambourines and electronic drums


The Drums, also called "drums", is a group of percussion instruments organized in a way that someone can play them.

The standard drum pack consists of a variety of other percussion instruments, but primarily drums and cymbals, large and small, utilizing the unique tonal qualities of each for efficiency.

The drum pack can be quickly tailored to a specific music category or noise. Therefore, the number and type of percussion instruments differ from drummer to drummer.

Some drummers use tambourines, cowbells, obstacles, and other instruments for the unique texture they contain, and some drummers even include electronic drums.

In general, these are the main points

Although there is no initial setup for drum sets, drum packs have a five-piece set consisting of 2 tom-toms, a floor tom, a bass drum, and a snare drum.

The floor tom is a tom tom that has a stand or legs and rests on the floor. The bass drum develops a low noise and has fun with the foot when stepping on a pedal. The snare drum is a flat drum, most of which reveal a drummer's specific design.

The basic cymbals consist of the big trip cymbal, the crash cymbal used for accents and the hi-hat with its 2 stacked cymbals whose degree of separation can be controlled to lengthen or reduce the noise of the cymbals .

Are there any guidelines for setting up drum packs?

The tone of the cymbals differs in size, density and taper. Therefore, cymbals of the same size do not always produce exactly the same tone.

For example, there are trip cymbals that are both high and low pitched, and the tones of other cymbals are otherwise low and high as well. Cymbals are selected based on their application and individual taste.

In general, the drums before the drummer are organized by delegates directly in order from the drum with the biggest tone to that with the most favorable.

Because the drum's tone gets quieter as it gets bigger, the drums also get significantly larger delegated from the right.

Originally the largest drum was the bass drum, today however, this is generally not the case.

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