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A hand drums on a drum - a shaman's prayer(1)

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The love and a prayer of a shaman

Shaman's prayer
the prayer of a shaman

"You made the earth holy
as well as my body
therefore I will in your name
keep the earth holy
respect every blade of grass and
the Flowers and honor trees.
Grows with worship of all living things
my soul,
and my body grows strong with the rhythm
Deiner Sunshine and your moon."

  • I'm holding on to absolutely nothing, so I have nothing to defend.
  • I fear nothing, so I will surely remember myself.
  • I already will Power offered that rules my destiny.
  • Separated and safe, I shall surely dash past the eagle.

Shaman's prayer

Shaman's prayer

A shaman's prayer is the affirmation of the spiritual warrior. It will be in times of Stress and fear, personal danger, or expressed only in the evening before going to bed.

It is a positive statement of intent and is intended to reflect in a person the Toltec way of thinking and relationship to live bring forth.

Shaman's Prayer – Midsummer Positioning

Like a mantra, saying the Medicine Prayer develops a vibration that completely alters conventional perceptions of fact.

Each line is an affirmation of one aspect or another of the life of a spiritual warrior:

I am currently at the mercy of the force that rules my destiny

I am currently at the mercy of the force that rules my destiny

I don't have to worry about that to annoy, what I must do in my life, because I am devoted to the great spirit.

My intention is to become a spiritual warrior, the only one Man, who possesses high qualities to discover its flexibility.

As I train, I make the points that bring me joy and polish my mind until it shines.

Who am I to challenge the immense pressure that governs my destiny? my special live is the car through which I approve and realize my destiny.

By my immaculateness I will surely mine Freedom recognize.

I'm not clinging to anything, so I have nothing to defend

I'm both fluid and polite, so I move from circumstance to scenario in my life without resistance and with joy.

It doesn't matter if my life is challenging or very easy, it's the same for me. my live is a chance to be impeccable in everything I do and I enjoy my effective spontaneity.

I'm particularly familiar with the dangers of self-importance and also obsession, because they can trap my spirit in the blink of an eye.

I am absolutely nothing, a moody wind that plays in a room and then moves on. I don't have to protect myself because my spirit is free.

I have no ideas so I'll see

I have no ideas so I'll see

Phases in the process of becoming free include reaching the realm where one is intuitively one with the universe.

In this state there is no separation: one is only and knows. It is called "seeing" by the Toltec Warriors.

This wondrous state of intuitive knowing is reached after years of training to still the internal dialogue, the relentless chatter that fills our minds like a rampant cacophony of monkeys.

The rule states that instinct (the ability to see) is symmetrical to the slowing down of one's thoughts.

If your own ideas actually stop, you stop the world afterwards. When the world stops, one experiences facts directly, without the interference of the factor, and one can construct entirely new globes.

I fear absolutely nothing, so I'll be sure to remember myself

I fear absolutely nothing, so I'll be sure to remember myself

In the “typical” world, fear is a nagging state of consciousness that seeks to avoid and escape as quickly as possible.

However, the witch doctor therapists have a really diverse partnership with it. They experience the existence of fear as Luckto reconnect with her lost power.

For her, fear is the emotion associated with the nearness of several lost parts of her filament that were previously in her live have been lost or separated, usually due to injury.

When fear is felt, there is an opportunity to face, accept and welcome these “lost youths”.

When things are encountered, accepted and our fear geliebter become, they change, liquefy and connect with the completeness of our selves.

When my fear dissipates, I will surely remind myself: to put it simply, my "participants" will surely come back to me and make me whole again.

Separated and comfortable, I will surely rush past the eagle to be free

Separated and comfortable, I will surely rush past the eagle to be free

The Toltecs “see” the main creative force in the Universe - What Christen "God" - as an immense unity of light.

For them, its shape recommends one Eagle, that's why they call him "The Eagle". The eagle gives us life and when our time expired, he wishes us back.

However, it has given people the gift of freedom. Transforming directly into beings of light has tested us all.

When we are truly restored and ours too old one Having completely let go of itself, it will surely accept our old self as a sacrifice in place of our transformed integrity.

Being "remote and comfortable" is the distinguished state of the Spiritual Warrior.

After we have actually transformed our self into the alchemy of excellence, we can give back our old selves to the eagle and accept our flexibility.

The Shaman's prayer to speak confirms the intention to develop one's mind until it shines.

It revolves around the essential elements of the path of Toltec Spiritual Warrior and also advises us where to focus our energy.

Shamanic Prayer - Healing Song "Hey Yo"

This beautiful healing song touches the heart deeply. It gives instant Relaxation and relief. We connect in a deep way with our energetic center, the heart chaka and erfahren healing through sound.

Nicole Gangloff
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The Shaman's Prayer

Christian prayers can also accompany the shaman's inner journey, as Oleg Bakanin learned from his "grandfather", his teacher in the Amazon. But it is a very individual path, cultivated on one's own initiative and practiced in silence. Christ is worshiped and understood in such a way that he is the collective human ego in which one's own self also lives.

Andreas Schwender
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GEO Reportage – The Shaman's Clinic

To put the spirits of the Siberian steppes in a good mood requires dancing and singing, lots of drumming and a symbolic meal.

The shaman Nikolai Orschak depends on the benevolence of the spirits.

He needs her spiritual power to help other people.

The Republic of Tuva is located right in the middle of Asia. Here, in the capital Kyzyl, there is a special kind of hospital: a shaman clinic. It is headed by Nikolai Orschak.

For the people in Tuwa he is an alternative practitioner, psychotherapist and pastor in one. He finds the cause of illnesses here: in the human soul.

The effects of traditional treatments have now also attracted the interest of Western medicine. The scientists at the University of Gießen are researching altered states of consciousness as experienced by shamans.

Outside of science, shamanism has long since found its way into the western world.

Some neo-shamans have been practicing in Vienna for 20 years. “360° – The GEO Reportage” explores the traditional healing arts of the Siberian shamans and analyzes their effects.

360° – GEO reportage
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