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The dolphin that won everyone's hearts

The dolphin that won everyone's hearts | wonderful dolphins

Last updated on March 6, 2022 by Roger Kaufman

Dolphin makes air bubbles - successful start into the new decade

The dolphin that won everyone's hearts - let go just to enjoy, now!

The dolphin plays with bubbles

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The dolphin makes rings underwater and plays with air bubbles

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Dolphins Up Close - Tuna Robot Spy - Clip

The top athletes among mammals?

A tuna robotic spy covers up amidst a superschool of hundreds of dolphins on how they perform their spectacular jumps.

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Dolphins in the Red Sea – Tourism in Egypt threatens mammalian habitat | SRF Einstein

The coral reefs in front of coast Egypt offer large dolphin populations a unique home.

Here explores the Swiss Biologist Angela Ziltener studies the life of the Indo-Pacific bottlenose and spinner dolphins and works to protect them in the wild.

Because they urgently need protection: the ignorance of the tourists threatens the popular animals.

Angela Ziltener wants a gentle and lasting encounter between Man and allow dolphins.

"Einstein" was able to accompany the dolphin researcher in her work for the Egyptian environmental organization HEPCA - and on spectacular dives into the kingdom of marine mammals.

SRF Einstein
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Wikipedia describes the dolphin as follows:

The Dolphins or Delphine belong to the toothed whales (Odontoceti) and are therefore mammals (Mammalia) that live in the Water live (marine mammals). Dolphins are the most diverse and, with around 40 species, the largest of the family whales (Cetacea).

They are common in all seas, some species are also found in rivers.

Dolphins are usually between one and a half and four meters long, the Great Killer Whale as the largest dolphin, it even reaches eight meters.

they have one streamlined Body adapted to the high swimming speeds.

There is a round organ in the head Melon. She plays a role in the echolocation.

In many species, the jaws are clearly separated and form an elongated beak. The snout can contain a large number of teeth in several species.

The brains of dolphins are large and have a complex cerebral cortex, which is a reason for many zoologists to classify them as most intelligent counting animals.

But there is also the controversial theory that the large brain is merely an adaptation to the live in the water and serves to better regulate the heat loss to the water.

This theory is based on the fact that the dolphin brain has a large number of glial cells and relatively few Neurons has.

The glial cells are believed to help with thermal insulation.

Dolphins can quickly learn movement sequences and reactions to acoustic stimuli, but their learning speed for abstract objects such as triangles or squares is slower than that of pigeons and Rats.

The body color usually consists of Black to white together, whereby the underside is usually lighter and the back is clearly delimited by a darker colour, the cape.

The bluish one belongs to the colored exceptions Blue and white dolphin and the brown-yellow one Common Dolphin.

In addition, they differ Through lines and boxes in different styles shades and contrasts.

Dolphins have very good hearing and sight.

Although there are external ear openings, these are probably not functional.

Sound travels through the lower jaw and middle ear to the inner ear.

Your hearing range extends in frequencies up to 220 kHz and you can hear sounds far into the ultrasonic range perceive.

The Eyes are mainly adapted to see underwater, but also have high functionality out of the water.

Echolocation using ultrasound plays a major role in perception.

Dolphins are distinguished from other toothed whales by the following features: fusion of the first two cervical vertebrae, a smaller number of ribs, fusion of the two halves of the lower jaw over a maximum of one-third of the length of the jaw, and blunt teeth.

All dolphins shed their outer skin cells about every two hours. This permanent Regeneration reduces the flow resistance and is also considered in regeneration research for humans and in shipbuilding.

The skin of the dolphins promotes their fast swimming through low flow resistance through fine relief and turbulence damping through plasticity, typical of the skin of whales.


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