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Letting go and creativity - Creativity Children are true role models

Letting go and creativity

Last updated on August 9, 2022 by Roger Kaufman

Children are true role models

Let go and creativity pure, I'm always amazed, children always come up with the greatest ideas. ✌
Please do not throw away wrapping paper!

Children always come up with the greatest ideas. ✌

I'm always amazed. Let go and pure creativity.

If you have some paper left over, cut it into strips and let the children play with it.

You will definitely come up with something.

Creative shoe designer - experience flow while crafting

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Creativity what is creativity

11 Creative Hacks for Kids 🎹 | Simple painting tricks | Painting, drawing, crafting

In this video you can see the first 11 creative hacks for children, i.e. tips, tricks and ideas on how you can get creative with small and older children and create really cool children's works of art using the simplest means.

During our research for the video, we came across so many great tricks and learning aids for painting and drawing that we immediately made two super cool videos out of it.

Source: mommy block
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something brought us together

What is creativity? Letting go and creativity

Creative people think, learn and work differently.

It has to do with their creative brain, their learning style, and their calling.

This series is about the knowledge that creative people aren't given in school, but that they desperately need on their unique path.

Nathalie Bromberger
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