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Rat and a dog have a race - A rat takes a bath

Race between rat and dog - children's stories

Last updated on August 22, 2021 by Roger Kaufman

A rat and a dog are racing

Tip for valuable children's stories

Rat or the dog, who is faster?

Funny, real Fun to watch the two of them.

By the way, there is a great children's book series about Ratu Nany Zimmerman, these Ratu stories are sometimes very valuable for adults too;
I was at least able to experience this positive experience, because since I read these Ratu stories to my children, it has had a positive impact on my life Sinn changed a lot 🙂

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Chinese Tzodiac sign the rat

The Chinese zodiac signs do not depend on the sun but on the moon.

There are 12 horoscopes Signs of the zodiac, which repeat alternately every 12 years.

The sequence always remains the same: rat, buffalo, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, Dog and pig.

Chinese zodiac signs

Why does the rat lead the way?

A rat in the Chinese zodiac

As everyone knows, the rat is one of the terrible varieties, as it is dirty and tricky, causing widespread indignation and discontent.

But why does the rat come first in the Chinese zodiac?

This is without a doubt unthinkable.

Does one really exist? "Story""?

A long, long time ago Time Nu Wa returned to the heavenly royal residence after creating humans.

Under the direction of the Emperor of Heaven, she was bought to the hole above them in any way to repair.

Nu Wa solidified a colorful rock to repair the hole, and she also used the 4 legs of the gopher tortoise to raise the sky, but caused the quake, the collapse of the land, floods.

The mortal globe faced an unprecedented catastrophe.

In order to prevent the extinction of the People is flooded, the Emperor of Heaven made the water god to avoid floods.

The disaster was minimized by the Water God's fantastic initiatives, but had not been completely suppressed due to the lack of manpower!

Currently the water god was thinking about all the domestic animals that lived on land live, but they had actually run away straight into the mountains.

How do I find them?

The Water God was also active to leave his job, so he arranged his assistant Yu to find the pets.

Yu burned with stress and fear: “Everyone animals ran straight into the mountains; Where can I find them?”

As he hesitated, he found a rat running away in a panic, and he was also pleased.

The rat was the only pet he had today Can be found.

Even though it was disgusting, it was the only pet that can provide help, so Yu caught the rat immediately.

After communicating, the rat determined that the human was not malicious and also approved the task of finding various other animals.

Why does the rat lead the way?

Im Chinese TZodiac sign is the Rat in the first place

Together with his friends and considering their genetic benefits, the rat discovered the pets hidden in the mountains and encouraged the tiger, the king of pets, to bring the animals out of the hills and that Water to manage with people.

Then people and domestic animals worked together and created the flood with the help of the water god.

To honor the act, the Emperor of Heaven awarded 12 Chinese zodiac gods, and all the animals that participated in the water control had the opportunity; The first 12 pets to reach the altar would be the zodiac gods, including the rat.

The evening before the event, the rat hid under the ox's horn because it knew that the ox was one of the most thorough and consistent animals was.

As long as the rat's God became, she would happily stand in the pets!

As expected, the stubborn and sincere ox came to the altar first; At present, the rat hidden under the horn jumped onto the altar and became the top of all the signs of the zodiac.

People were unhappy with the result, assuming the rat was dangerous despite its characteristics; It also played techniques.

Nevertheless, the Emperor of Paradise was determined for the outcome and the Truth could not be changed because playing techniques were also a kind of knowledge!

This is how the rat rose to the top of the Chinese zodiac.

Definition – What is a rat

The Rats (Rattus) are a Rodent genus from the group of Old World mice (Murinae).

The genus includes around 65 species, most of which are distributed in Southeast Asia, New Guinea and Australia.

In the wake of man, in particular, the brown rat and the domestic rat achieved worldwide distribution.

The domesticated rat, kept as a pet, comes from the wild brown rat Color rat .

In a broader sense, the term rat is also applied unsystematically to many other representatives of the Old World mice and other rodents.


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