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The Rain Drummers

The Rain Drummers

Last updated on August 23, 2021 by Roger Kaufman

The musical in the rain

An adventure in Rain, the Rain Drummers perform their musical in the pouring rain; a real design process.

From the musical "Stomp Out Loud" here is a part of it!

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Videos The rain drummers

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Source: Big Brother

Stomp Live - Part 6 - Dance & Fight

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Stomp Live - Part 6 - Dance & Fight

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Stomp Live is a 1997 HBO-produced musical that featured the Brighton, UK and Manhattan-based dance company Stomp.

The film is 44 minutes long and features videos of the Broadway efficiency along with scenes shot just for the film.

The film transforms ordinary objects and minutes in order Lieder to do in an unexpected way.

There is hardly any dialogue in the film, but the movement of the stars presents the overlooked words.

The locations of the scenes differ from those in a vehicle, under a bridge, the streets on a rainy day, the kitchen area of ​​a restaurant and in the air with levitating actors.

The objects used to make the music vary from basketballs, brooms, socks to rubbish bins

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