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A lion's head - WWF in Germany | WWF projects in Germany

WWF in Germany | WWF projects in Germany

Last updated on September 26, 2021 by Roger Kaufman

Great projects WWF in Germany – A true story

In the interior of the third largest island in the world, a gigantic network of protected zones and sustainably used forests is being created on the WWF initiative.

At 220.000 square kilometers, it is roughly the size of Great Britain.

The forests of Borneo are among the most pristine and species-rich on our planet.

The number of plant species alone exceeds that of the entire African continent.

What's special: Three of the orangutan's four distribution areas are also found here.

The strangest record holders from the animal kingdom include a ten centimeter long giant cockroach and a just eleven centimeter dwarf squirrel.

WWF Germany supports three large projects in the heart of Borneo: the Betung Kerihun National Park, the Kayan Mentarang National Park and the “Upper Segama-Malua Orangutan Landscape Project in Sabah.

#Orangutans only live on the islands #Borneo and Sumatra. Their habitat is increasingly threatened by deforestation and forest fires.

This week it's on #WWFworldwide about what the WWF is doing to protect the orangutans.

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WWF projects in Germany

The WWF Germany was founded in 1963 as a civil law structure; The WWF in Germany is the German section of the Globe Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), founded in Switzerland in 1961.

WWF Germany focuses its work on three major types of ecological communities: forests, water bodies and coasts, and inland water ecosystems.

In addition, the WWF works on the preservation of types and also on environmental protection.

In 2007, WWF Germany is active in 53 nature conservation programs around the world, 37 programs are global and 16 are nationwide.

The WWF does not see itself as a funding organization for positions at various other institutions, but rather carries out the tasks itself.

The necessary Funds are generally generated from private contributions and partly from public funds.

WWF project regions in Germany

What makes the Wadden Sea so unique? | WWF in Germany, Netherlands and Denmark

The largest Wadden Sea in the world lies on the North Sea coast of the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark.

With its seabed - the mudflats - which dry out twice a day, as well as tidal creeks, shallow water, sandbanks, dunes and salt marshes, it is one of the largest natural habitats we still have in western Europe.

Millions of wading and water birds depend on the Wadden Sea. The WWF has been working intensively on this unique event since 1977 Nature .

WWF Germany
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Return of the Wolves: Are Wolves Dangerous? | WWF projects in Germany

The wolf is coming! Wolves attack People and how many wolves actually live in Germany?

Tell you everything about wolves and the wolf population in Germany today Melanie and Anne.

What do you all mean? Is the wolf really that bad? Feel free to write us your opinion in the comments.

We are excited! The World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) is one of the largest and most experienced nature conservation organizations in the world and is active in more than 100 countries.

On the WWF YouTube channel we report on our WWF nature conservation and WWF animal protection projects.

WWF Germany
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Black Forest - How wilderness helps us save the forest - WWF projects in Germany

This summer, video producer Niklas Kolorz went to the Black Forest to find out more to find out about this natural treasure of Germany.

How does the 5mm bark beetle manage to destroy entire forests?

And how do nature reserves like protected forests help us find out what the forest of tomorrow can look like?

Editing, moderation, camera, editing, grading – Niklas Kolorz Protagonist, wilderness and adventure tour guide – Christian Pruy

Wilderness and adventure tours at the WWF… Atmospheric tones, sounds in the Black Forest Copyright © Emilio Gálvez y Fuentes

WWF Germany
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